‘ Want to be an Award Winning Tea Blender ?


So you want to be an Award Winning Tea Blender ?

O.K, just follow these simple steps :

1       Find the best tea gardens in Kenya and Assam, the ones who’s leaves have more taste and flavour and a beautiful colour.

( I’m afraid tea tasters all over the world agree which are the best, so you’re going to have to pay more than your competitors to get them ).

2  Be around all the time to taste the new growth because the tea bush can sprout fresh leaves every week and it won’t always taste the same.
( Every week,little foil sample packs of the fresh growth are air-mailed to you to approve or reject )

3   Study the rainfall in Kenya and India every week, because too much rain means the bush grows too quickly and the leaves are not as tasty.

4   Be very, very fussy and make sure you really love the tea before you purchase it and make it part of your blend.
( Imagine it’s your mother who is going to be drinking it, and don’t disappoint her ! )

*  I forget to mention that Assam ( North India ) makes it’s best leaves in June, July and August so you have to store them at your factory for ages. That ties up a lot of cash but, worse still, they won’t stay fresh for ever so you pay more to have them Vacuum Packed….well you did say you wanted to win awards, didn’t you !

·       Next time its   “ What happens to the tea leaf from tea bush to tea bag “ ….it’s refreshingly little !!

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