Nothing’s changed …… honestly!

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Nothing’s changed ….. honestly !
You may have noticed that we’ve changed things a bit on our packaging … the Thompson’s Family Teas name is much bigger and Punjana is smaller.
The new design simply streamlines our range of teas, which has expanded over the last few years, but Punjana is still our “ hero brand “ and we wouldn’t change anything about it for the world !
James and Tony Thompson introduced Punjana tea to the world in the 1950’s. Following the famous “ Pick Punjana Tea “ television ads Punjana tea quickly became a household name, so much so that it now holds the lofty title of Northern Irelands Best Selling Tea !
In recent years we have introduced a number of new tea blends such as Irish Breakfast, Scottish Blend and even the incredibly popular Titanic Tea to celebrate the launch of the legendary ship in our home town. It seemed like the logical thing therefore to push the “Thompson” name to the top of the pile as, after all, the Thompsons make each and every one of them.
So there we are, the only thing we’ve changed is our pack designs, and I hope you like them.


Ross Thompson

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  1. Ged Maloney says:

    Would there be any chance of a Yorkshire blend given our stunning perfoprmance in the Olympics?e

  2. edibah says:

    I got confused in Morrissons about the two different types of packet, wondering if they were different! Bought one anyway, and my god, I’m glad I did. I even reviewed it! And I think you’ll like what you read :)


    Thanks for a great cuppa.

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