The Perfect Everyday Cuppa?

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Great Taste Awards 2012

I apologise in advance for the next few lines, if they sound a little boastful, but we tea blenders love a little pat on the back from time to time !

You see, “Thompson’s Punjana”, our hero brand, again struck Gold in this year’s Great Taste Awards, which means it has won more Gold Stars in the past 5 years than any other mainstream tea !

As if that wasn’t enough our recently launched “Thompson’s Titanic Tea”  was awarded a much coveted 3 Gold Stars, an award reserved for only 120 of the 8800 Food and Drink entrants in this year’s Great Taste Awards 2012.

Our “Irish Breakfast” and “Punjana Loose Tea” also struck Gold taking our total haul to 9 Gold Stars.

The unique thing about the Great Taste Awards is that the judging is carried out by 40 judges in various parts of England and all entries are tasted blind…so no chance of being influenced by a posh brand name!

Consistency of quality is all important and tea tasting can be very intense.  Every 7 to 10 days, there is a new crop to taste.  That’s right, it takes only 10 days for the tea bush to grow new leaves which are picked, dried and flown to our tasting room in Northern Ireland.  Cousin David and I sip, slurp, and spit our lives away, selecting only our favourite teas from the hundreds of fresh samples which are offered to us every week.  We behave like a couple of fussy, argumentative primadonnas, waiting all year for our moment in the spotlight, confirmation that we know what we are doing !

So well done all you Thompson’s Tea drinkers, it shows you’ve got Great Taste too.


7 Responses to “The Perfect Everyday Cuppa?”

  1. Carol Beattie says:

    Absolutely love your tea. As I write this I am having a cup of titanic tea. Congratulations

  2. Allan Cazaly says:

    I was looking for a “Tesco” own brand of tea in one of the “Extra” stores, but as usual, of late, unable to find what I was looking for!

    As luck is always coming my way, an assistant was passing by, so I asked her if she could recommend a good quality “Strong” blend of tea

    Without hesitation, she immediately picked up your “Punjana” tea that was almost hidden on the bottom shelf. The assistant commented that she too, liked a strong flavoured tea and ALWAYS chose “Punjana” as her first choice, so I purchased an 80-teabag size of Punjana. This happened to be on offer at the time, so this was a double bonus for me!

    Your “Punjana” tea surpasses anything else I have tasted for years! It is outstanding

    I did not even know of “Thompsons Family Teas” until a couple of days ago. What superb luck that the Tesco assistant just happened to be passing at that precise moment!

    I just had to write and tell you of my “Find”

    As I live on a lovely narrow boat, on the English canals, I usually carry a stock of items I use on a daily basis. I have returned to this store and cleared their stock of “Punjana” packs of tea. I now have 47 x 80-pack sized tea so I don’t run out, (Plus the one I am using)

    I am now tempted to try some of your other blends but after looking this morning, when shopping, I was not lucky enough to locate any

    nb> Do you have any sample packs containing all your varieties of If you do a special sample pack of tea with all your blends in one pack, please advise. I would like to purchase a “Multi pack”, as this would save me from buying full packs, just to try your other flavours

    Please advise the cost, plus the postage to a UK address. I will arrange payment and give you a “c/o” delivery address

    A delighted “New” customer of Thompsons Family Teas

    Regards, ~Allan~

  3. Ryan Edwards says:

    Punjana everyday is the best tea out there bar none!

  4. jeanne zoppel says:

    I was given a bag Thompson’s Punjana Irish Breakfast as a gift, not really knowing about this particular tea/MFG. i have enjoyed it quite a bit, however i ran out of “regular tea” that i put into my cold water jug in the fridge to make iced tea, so i broke down and used some of the Thompson’s Punjana Irish Breakfast. OMG it holds up to the cold brewing like no other tea i have ever used it actually has wonderful flavor! “hoping that you do not consider it a sacrilege to cold brew”… thank you for making such a fantastic tea for all my uses

    • Ross Thompson says:

      Good morning,

      Thank you for your recent message and your kind comments about Punjana Irish Breakfast tea.

      It is always good to get customer feedback and I am absolutely delighted that you appreciate Punjana’s quality. In search of a better tasting cup of tea we buy our teas exclusively from Assam and Kenya and take care to purchase our requirements when the weather conditions are at their peak and the tea bushes are delivering a little more taste and flavour.

      Thank you again for getting in touch.

      Kind regards

      Louise Kirkaldy
      Customer Services
      Punjana Limited

    • Peter J says:

      I have drunk Punjana tea for a number of years but didn’t realise that they had a range of other teas until a week ago. I’ve just tasted the Irish Breakfast tea and I’m over the moon. I’ve never made iced tea and would be fascinated to know how you do it.

  5. David Rubin says:

    Having been introduced to your Titanic tea through a purchase on line, I found it invigorating and wonderful. The fact that your facilities are a stone’s throw away from the great H&W yard is amazing and quite historic. I will be purchasing your tea again and I will now become a customer for life. Thank you!

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