Good news from India…it’s pouring!


In this part of the world we’re seldom begging for rain, but in Assam (North India) the ever-faithful Monsoon has kept them waiting.

Indian tea bushes have a well-deserved rest during the winter, December to April, but when “liquid sunshine” arrives in the form of the life-giving Monsoon, its tea growing time.

It kept us waiting this year, a few weeks late actually, and the tea bushes went on a go-slow but it’s arrived with a vengeance and flushing time is here (flushing is when the tea bush sprouts fresh leaves) and this is happening every 10-14 days … really !

Hopefully the crop will play catch up now because we love Indian tea, it plays a really important part in our blends, and we need to start making our purchases for this season. Let’s hope it’s a vintage one !


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