The Factory

The Factory

Punjana’s tea factory is a modern purpose built facility with quality, hygiene, and continuous improvement at its heart. Officially opened in 1996 by Industry Minister, Baroness Denton and covered by B B C’s Newsline programme, the factory has gained major accreditations in Global Food Safety, Environmental Management and Health and Safety.

Year after year, teas from the very finest gardens In Assam and Kenya are shipped into Punjana’s factory, to be blended and then packed by some of the worlds most advanced machines which are capable of producing over 2000 tea bags per minute. Just as well because over 100,000 cups of Punjana tea are now enjoyed every hour…day and night !


Quality of Tea and Blending

Punjana´s tea tasters Ross and David Thompson taste and select fresh samples of tea every week from some of the most prized tea gardens in Assam (North India) and  Kenya (East of the Rift Valley) where climate and soil quality produce teas of exceptional quality. They time their purchases so that the tea bushes are producing their best growth. These teas cost more but the Thompson’s will not compromise on quality !

The Future

Like their grandfather and fathers before them, Ross and David Thompson strive to maintain and improve the quality of their teas, and it´s this tradition that matters most of all. Already brand leader in Northern Ireland, the Thompson’s are keen to introduce their Award Winning range of teas to an ever increasing audience of tea lovers in U.K and the Republic of Ireland and are hugely  encouraged by the response to Punjana’s quality from as far afield as the United States.