Why Pick Punjana?

We are a family-owned company who are passionate about tea, and have been since our grandfather Robert first started blending over one hundred years ago.

Our mission has always been to create the ” Perfect Everyday Cuppa “, a tea that has superior taste and flavour whilst representing great value for money.  We believe that we have achieved this and naturally we were thrilled to be awarded 3 Gold Stars in the Guild of Fine Food’s ” Great Taste Awards” in 2016 for our Punjana and Irish Breakfast blend.

whypickpunjana3Ross Thompson on the Tinderet Tea Estate in Kenya

A blend of superior quality can be achieved only by selecting teas from the finest tea gardens, and at a time when the tea bushes are producing their best growth. This happens when sunshine and rainfall are in perfect harmony and it is at this time that the tea leaves grow more slowly and produce a finer taste and flavour. Furthermore, we source these tea leaves from world-renowned gardens in Assam and Kenya. These leaves are highly prized and command a higher price. These are the leaves which find their way into Punjana packs.

More recently The Thompsons have introduced a  Punjana ” Speciality ” tea  range, including Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile and Green Tea. As always, great care is taken to source these teas and herbs from the finest producers in the world, and from growers who share our ideals in treating workers fairly, and giving regard to proper wages, healthcare and education.