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The Perfect Everyday Cuppa?

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Great Taste Awards 2012

I apologise in advance for the next few lines, if they sound a little boastful, but we tea blenders love a little pat on the back from time to time !

You see, “Thompson’s Punjana”, our hero brand, again struck Gold in this year’s Great Taste Awards, which means it has won more Gold Stars in the past 5 years than any other mainstream tea !

As if that wasn’t enough our recently launched “Thompson’s Titanic Tea”  was awarded a much coveted 3 Gold Stars, an award reserved for only 120 of the 8800 Food and Drink entrants in this year’s Great Taste Awards 2012.

Our “Irish Breakfast” and “Punjana Loose Tea” also struck Gold taking our total haul to 9 Gold Stars.

The unique thing about the Great Taste Awards is that the judging is carried out by 40 judges in various parts of England and all entries are tasted blind…so no chance of being influenced by a posh brand name!

Consistency of quality is all important and tea tasting can be very intense.  Every 7 to 10 days, there is a new crop to taste.  That’s right, it takes only 10 days for the tea bush to grow new leaves which are picked, dried and flown to our tasting room in Northern Ireland.  Cousin David and I sip, slurp, and spit our lives away, selecting only our favourite teas from the hundreds of fresh samples which are offered to us every week.  We behave like a couple of fussy, argumentative primadonnas, waiting all year for our moment in the spotlight, confirmation that we know what we are doing !

So well done all you Thompson’s Tea drinkers, it shows you’ve got Great Taste too.