Ethical sourcing

At Punjana  we only source tea from growers who have high standards, make great teas, and who we can trust. People who share our ideals regarding their relationship with their workforce, treating their fellow worker with respect and offering equal opportunity.


Punjana is an “Investor in People ” company, and we like our suppliers to share our belief that we are only as good as our workforce.  In the early years, our fathers bought most of their teas from Williamson and Magors, owners of the finest gardens in all India.  Mr Williamson and Mr Richard Magor were passionate about making great tea, but were equally proud of the facilities and working conditions they provided for all who worked there.

Nobody told them to provide good housing, hospitals and classrooms, they just wanted to do it.  Their proudest achievement must surely be their school on Harchurah tea estate in Assam, capable of providing its pupils with University entry education.

Nowadays our sourcing policy is, by necessity, more formalized, and, although we source from these same famous gardens, we have extended our sourcing policy to include regular garden visits and extensive checks. Thankfully for us, it is very often the gardens which produce the finest teas, who also have the resources and the will to provide properly for their labour force. Furthermore Punjana pay more for their tea leaves than most other leading tea brands and we know that the extra money that we pay can help provide better facilities and working conditions on the tea garden.