Letter from America

Another Boston Tea Party?

Who would have thought that an article about Punjana Tea, written in 2007 by a Boston lady, would spark the launch, then  sensational  growth of, Punjana Irish Breakfast Tea sales, down the Eastern seaboard of the USA from Maine to Georgia.

The lady in question, Denise Dube, a respected magazine foodie columnist, was  visiting a friend of Irish descent, who invited her for afternoon tea and introduced her to Punjana Tea . Denise immediately  fell in love with Punjana, contacted the Thompson family and arranged a visit to the Punjana factory in Belfast , wrote an article about Punjana  in a USA magazine,  and created such interest that Punjana developed and then launched Punjana Irish Breakfast on an unsuspecting American public back in the Fall of 2008.


18 months later, and following rave reviews from both U.S.  tea drinkers and retailers (see the comments page on our website),  Punjana Irish Breakfast is now available across a range of U.S. retail outlets down the Eastern Seaboard stretching from Portland in the North (selected Hannafords Supermarkets – Reny Maine stores), down to Boston (selected Stop and Shop, Hannafords, Roche Bros, Daves, Donelans and Christmas Tree Shops) further south to  New York (selected Stop and Shop, Foodtown and Shoprite stores) and then on down to the Carolinas (Fresh Market stores) with the most recent development,  a nationwide listing in Big Lots retail outlets.

So what made Denise fall for Punjana? – simple really, it can be summed up in one word – QUALITY. Blending the best quality Kenyan leaf with top quality Assam leaf from India produces a distinctive full flavoured, yet smooth and refreshing cup of tea that delivers in a way that other teas fail to achieve.

And how times have changed – in the same way that the original Boston Tea Party in 1773 was a key event  sparking the American Revolution, then maybe history is repeating itself, only this time the launch of Punjana Irish Breakfast Tea in the USA  in 2008 may be seen in years to come as a key event in the growth of a family run, Belfast based, tea company that has been around since 1896 – Pick Punjana Tea!

If you would like to know your nearest Punjana Tea stockist, just contact our USA  Sales team on ged@punjana.com with your full address details and we will establish your most convenient stockist and forward the relevant details.