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Janice Frew
Been buying your Punjana tea now for a good few years... I consider it the best...do not buy anything else now! Last week, I decided to try your Decaffeinated tea - not expecting to like it, having tried other brands in the past and found them wanting! I was delighted by the taste, and can truthfully say I could detect no difference between this and your 'ordinary' tea. (That should probably read 'EXTRA-ordinary') I will continue to buy both now.....caffeine boost for morning and throughout the day, and decaff with my toast before bedtime!! Thank you for an excellent blend of tea!
Tim Salmon
Thanks for your great tea! Always shop at Morrisons and am lucky enough to find your fabulous Punjana teabags - best i've ever had! Well done guys!
charles byrne
Punjana Original Blend,must be the best tasting ,refreshing,beautiful tea you will ever taste ,its a pleasure to drink ,and compared to other inferior teas like one cup tea bags yuk,and more expensive brands ,i compare punjana to these teas like a bentley is to a mini ,sheer classy tea and once you taste this you wont want to drink other one cup stuff go on give it a try
E. McFadzean
Have just tried your Thompson's Signature tea for the first time, and all I can say is, I have been a, (please forgive the brand blaspheme!!!) 'Tetley' tea drinker for over 30 years, but after trying your deeelicious Signature brand, all I can say is, 'OMG where have I been for the last 30 years !!!!!'. Thompson's Signature tea has everything that I enjoy in a good cup of tea, a great strong, rich flavour with a matching dark, rich colour, absolutely the best tasting tea i have ever tasted. Well done on your quality and excellence, you have gained 1 more happy, satisfied new customer, thankyou. Oh, and sorry, but goodbye Tetley!!! Yours, Evelyn :))
Sarah Coultous
I would like to say that your tea bags are the best around .I used to use other top brand but when I tried Punjana I have not turned back ,you know your having a proper potta tea ,when people have a cup at my house always comment and ask me what they are ,thumbs up for a great tea ;)
Deborah VanVranken
Greenfield Center, New York
I am pleased to let you know that I had your tea this afternoon for the very first time and absolutely love it! I had the Irish Breakfast Blend and it is the best tea I have ever had! Enjoyed every last drop! I was a Tetley British Blend drinker for years and thought that was really good until I tried Thompson's...I am now hooked! Thanks again!
Sian Young
Great tea! Love the taste and quality. Tried Punjana tea for a change, am very impressed and will be buying again.
Glenn Hobson
Just wanted to give you some feedback on your tea. I have drank Tetley for nearly 20 years until this Christmas when I had to buy Punjanna as there was no Tetley in the shop. I am now hooked and love the stuff. No more Tetley for me as your product has a stronger, richer and smooth taste. Well done!! Glenn
Carol Skinner
Norwich, Norfolk
I've just tried your teabags for the first time. They are brilliant (as you know). I was Yorkshire brew through and through, but not anymore. I bought them by default-because Asda never had any Yorkshire on the shelves. I'm converted, I won't be going back that's for sure
Chris maynard
Ashford kent
I first tried your signature blend from Tesco about a month ago and it's one of the best refreshing teas I have ever had , I am a daily tea drinker of maybe 5 to 8 cups per day and I really enjoy your tea and just wanted to express my comments regarding this blend , I like to try different teas but this one I will definately be staying with , thankyou
Michael Crouch
I love a good strong cup of tea but many of the big brands can be quite variable. I hadn't come across Thompson's until recently when I saw it in a local store. I've since stockpiled on it and several people have commented on what a great Cupar it was and have started buying it. The Everyday Blend teabags are superb and miles ahead of anything else that I've tried. A good strong cup of tea every time, I couldn't ask for more.
Jonathan Marshall
I'm emailing to say how much I enjoy Punjana blend tea. It's lovely. I'm quite fussy about my everyday tea and this is one of the best Ive tasted. I wasn't aware about your other blends. Unfortunately I can only buy Punjana from the Co-Op in my 'neck of the woods' - otherwise I would try them too. I also like the pack design too: an important consideration in selling any product to the public - as it has a 'classic' look & I'm a sucker for a well designed pack of anything to be honest. Thanks.
Ciaran Lappin
Hi, I have just enjoyed another of your beautiful cups of tea for not the first time today. On a terrible day when its hard to be motivated for anything your tasty beverage has really helped me get going so I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your wonderful product. Regards, Ciaran
All I drink is tea, no juices, waters or Beers... just tea, 24/7 and I love it, I wouldn't buy any other but punjan original blend. Best brewed on the gas hob. Top quality and top taste.
Nigel Nelson
Just wanted to drop you guys at Thompson's Family Teas a quick line to commend your on your Punjana brand tea bags. Punjana is like a warm blanket on a grey and stormy day. Whenever the fast paced modern world is throwing everything it can at you, a nice cuppa 'jana helps put everything back in perspective. So from myself and all the Nelson family, keep up the excellent work! Thompson's is the only tea for us!
Michelle Ivey
Portsmouth, VA
Wonderful tea!
Dear Thompson Family. Hi and good evening. I would to thank you all involved for providing with the best cup of tea I have every tasted. I used to be a big coffee drinker but due to health, I decided to change my drink to tea. I could not seem to find a tea that met my expectations, until I came across Punjana in my local Morrison's store. The tea simply blew me away, awesome cuppa and so so glad I found you. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Sean
Patricia Kibbe
Ashford, CT
I googled your tea brand just now and it makes me smile! I found your tea in a discount shop over here in the United States called Ocean State Job Lot. I go there now just for the tea, and buy two or three packages at a time. I love it, it is the best. I can get the Irish breakfast and decaf bags. just wanted to say it is the best tea ever and hope to order the Scottish blend soon. thank you for a great product made.
tina branche
folkestone kent
I just moved in to my flat and the last tenants left these tea bags and because I had not had any and I tried them welcome me to be a new customer as there brilliant
Candace McBeath
I would like to say that I love, love your tea. I bought the Irish Breakfast Blend and it was better than the Twinings' tea that I usually buy. Thank you for your product.
Mrs hazel Haigh
south Yorkshire
i bought our first bag of Thompsons tea from tesco. Can I tell you how delighted we are with the quality of strength and taste it's great !
Sheila Whitehouse
Birmingham. West Midlands.
I have recently been buying your tea and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful.I now find that I go to Morrisons shop and I can't just buy one pack I have to buy 2 in case I run out of the tea. My family come to my house on a Saturday afternoon for tea and cakes and they all do the same thing when they take their first mouthful of tea, they go 'ahh mom that is so nice'.I had to write to you because I would never go back to any other tea it is just so calming, I have never had to write to any Company before but seriously it is lovely. keep up the good work.xx
David Gifford
Mansfield, Nottts,
As a tea lover I have recently been introduced to your Signature Blend, Having previously tried the Irish Breakfast and Punjana versions. It was delightful and reminiscent of the "proper" teas of my childhood in Scotland where we always had Hornimans loose tea. You have a very satisfied customer !! Many thanks, David
Nancy Cliff
Silver City
Thank you for distributing your Irish tea all the way to Silver City, New Mexico USA. Makes my day!
jacqui Jamieson
Blairadam, Kelty
Dear Thompson Teas I had to write and tell you that your tea is fabulous , having tried so many different brands over the years for a good cup of tea, I can say that having found your tea I will not be buying any other. It makes great tea consistentlyand a great flavour. Just wanted to say thanks and I will look into your other teas. Kind regards Jacqui
Rachel Thompson
Bognor Regis
As a Thompson (no relation unfortunately) Punjana tea is the best ever tastes how tea should do wish shops in England would stock more of your products, although I have now learnt its just as easy to order direct comes quickly without issue so I can enjoy all your fab teas,fabulous service for a fabulous tea our favourite in this Thompson House hold , my Irish husband wont drink any thing else
Murray Bush
We are halfway through our first pack of your teabags. What a lovely flavour. It goes well with the local water - very soft-. Definitely on our shopping list again. Have a great week folk Murray
Helen Pearson,
This is an absolutely brilliant tea. It tastes like tea used to taste,not flavourless,weak and wishywashy like many teas taste nowadays. To me, even if they look the right colour they taste like dyed water. Thank you Punjana. I never use any other tea but yours.
Rosie Hustler
I want to just email you to congratulate you on your fantastic Punjana tea. It is without doubt the best tea we have ever had. We do however find it difficult sourcing it. Keep up the good work ! Rosie
alex Woodland
Hey guys Hope this message finds you well. Just dropping a quick note to say how much I love your tea. I drink a lot of whole leaf sencha and assam but when I reach for bags its yours every time. Just incredible. Keep up the good work! I still need to try your signature blend so that's next on my list but the Punjana is perfection! Many thanks....my family will have nothing else now as well. All the best Alex
makes a lovely cuppa
Christine Kirk
Henderson, Nevada
Hello! I wanted to let you know that in 2014 while in England for our annual visit I was purchasing various brands of teas to take home (for I will not drink a US brand of tea since they are useless in my book!) I found Original Punjana and my husband said "Go on, give it a try". A whole new world of the taste opened up for me with just the one cup. A fabulous flavor indeed! (I took one bag to my office so my co-worker and fellow tea drinker could swoon over a cup of Punjana and she certainly did!) I'm enamored and now your number one fan in Nevada! We will be back in the UK in the fall and I shall pick up Original, Scottish, Irish and Titanic to take home most definitely. What a wonderful, wonderful, tasty cup of tea...the best ever! Thank you so much and I am so happy I have at last discovered Punjana Thompson Family Teas!
Caroline Walsh
Hi, I've recently started to buy your tea since my mum recommended it to me. I would just like to say that i am now totally addicted! By far the best tea on the supermarket shelves, i absolutely love it! I'm a massive fan if tea and very critical but yours really is the best! Currently drinking the punjana but love all the other varieties. Best discovery I've made this year! I will recommend to all my tea-drinking friends! Thanks Caroline
jack clarke
Thank you for my free tea you gave my in asda havant today I've had two cup and it is delicious a lovely strong flavour that quenches your thirst .
Thommy Rinke
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Had my first cuppa today and now it's already the fourth within a day - Punjana Original Blend is definitely a tea that I have searched for a long time. It was recommended to me by an Irish friend, and it was definitely one of the best recommendatuions given to me ever. And not only is the tea absolutely tasty - it also arrived at the speed of light apparently: In less than four days. all the way from Belfast, Noprthern Ireland to Frankfurt, Germany. Thanks a lot, and please do file me under "regular customer" for the rest of my life!
Robert Wood
Just a wee note to let you all know how much I enjoy your delicious tea (Punjana).I was a hard and fast (Dare I say it?),Twinings drinker until my mother put me onto your tea many years ago It's so nice that my partner,she's Spanish,has gone from being a non tea drinker to 3/4 cups a day,she loves it.We even have her mother in Spain testing out your teas.As a Scot living in England I've not seen your Scottish blend in my local supermarket so I'll be searching for that when I go home later this year.Kind regards
Wow just started drinking your Tea and its Great.
Vikram Sandhu
Dagenham, Essex
Punjana Tea is the best tea I have ever tasted and I love it! In my opinion there's no other tea that tastes so good. My mum says I shouldn't be drinking too much tea as I'm a 12 year old boy, but Punjana Tea is irresistible, so thank you very much.
Alan Walsh
I first discovered Thompson's Punjana original tea about two years ago in a local supermarket. As a tea lover, I am always keen to try out different teas. This has to be one of the best I have ever tasted. The aforementioned store stopped selling it and it took me some time to find it stocked at a competitors' store - I'm pleased to say that both currently stock it again. A colleague of mine at work loves his tea and hadn't heard of it. You will no doubt be glad to hear that he has become hooked on it after my recommendation.
Chess Wood
Dear Thompson Family I've just discovered your Punjana tea bags. Love the marketing story. It made me remember my 2 years living in India. Love that country. Wow. What fantastic tea. I haven't tasted tea like this since I was a girl and I'm a pensioner now. I'm even more impressed given that they are tea bags that taste like real leaf tea. I usually use Yorkshire tea bags but I will swap to Punjana from here on. Thank you for a great product that doesn't skimp on quality at a fair price too. Best regards Chess
millie garret
folkestone kent
I just love your great teas
folkestone kent
great tea
Love the tea!
Christine Thomson
Hello I just wanted to say how much we love your tea- perfect for Scottish water. Also your packet is a joy to open and reseal , in the day and age of hermetically sealed 'recloseable' packaging that isn't! Thank you!
steph jones-giles
Introduced to you years ago by a lovely 94 year old friend and haven't had any other tea since. Nothing compares with the taste!
Abbas Shah
We as a family absolutly love your teas....we tried going back to our previous pg tips,but that strong taste wasn't there...so back on the punjana...even our friends family started buying your products...... Great taste keep it up....thanks again for having these products on the market...
JEAN nielsen
Punjana irish breakfast tea is now the only tea my husband will drink
James Forster
I really want to say a big well done for the amazing flavour of your tea. We tried the Irish breakfast tea about a year ago and was honestly blown away by the taste.we have also tried the Punjana and Signature and have found the taste of each blend to be far superior to any other on the market. I'm now really looking forward to trying the Titanic tea that I am hoping to receive as a christmas present from the wife. Keep up the good work your tea really does deserve all the awards and accolades it receives.
John Winlow
I saw your tea in our local Morison's branch maybe 18 months ago. We both like strong tea or coffee, and usually bought teabags from a well known company in the north of England. Not sure whether it was your packaging, or the "Thompson Family " bit that I found intriguing, but whatever we bought some. Now we drink no other brand of tea, and I thought you might like to know that.
Allan Carter
Hello, I just wanted to let you all at Panjana know how absolutely fantastic I find your Original Blend Punjana tea. I adore it, and as an avid tea-drinker I have tried my fair share of tea brands but nothing compares to Punjana tea. Despite being a student and so not having a job, I refuse to settle for anything else other than Punana Original Blend tea. I have many cups of tea a day, with breakfast, after each meal, and then frequently in between. I adore it and just wanted to let the entire team at Punjana know what a wonderful job I think you are all doing, creating this fabulous tea! Keep up the good work, and thank you for making every day just that little bit better! Allan Carter
Susan Smith
Boston Massachusetts
Well, we threw all the British tea overboard more than two hundred years ago, but then I realize it wasn't Thompson Punjana! The American revolution may not have happened....your smooth, strong blend of tea is too delicious for words...when the others are having a wee dram, give me the Thompson's, please... Very difficult to get a tea with excellent flavor here in the US...I order your Irish Breakfast specially - when the going gets tough, put on the kettle!
allan roberton
paisley renfrewshire
just to let you know thanks for your great produce I will recommend your great tbags to all my friends and family
Dennis Logie
Redwood City, California
Finding excellent tea is difficult in the USA, although in the last couple of decades, it is much improved. As a consequence, I have been tasting teas from around the world, searching for the best. I was gifted your Irish Breakfast Tea, and it is the best tea I have ever tasted! What superb tea! It's aroma is mesmerizing, its stout taste is fantastic, whether steeped the full amount of time or interrupted for iced tea, and it is delicious to the last swallow and a smack of satisfaction. Thank you for your quality.
janette robertson
just to say I love your tea 2nd to none I will be changing now from another brand like Tetley or pg tips
Simon Reid
I would just like to say that I bought your Irish Breakfast Tea this weekend in Tesco Seacroft for the very first time but not for the last time. Wow. What a grand brew it makes. I am hooked. I love my tea and I've bought all sorts from big name brands to small independent labels, from everyday tea to single estate specialised blends. However, this is the first time that a humble brew has inspired me to write a letter of thanks. I've always been fond of Irish Breakfast (must be genetic, like most people in Leeds I've got an Irish grandparent!) but I have to say this blend is far from humble. I really enjoyed it, I'm looking forward to trying your other blends, but I think I've discovered my favourite cuppa ever. Please don't think I'm having a laugh. I was drawn by the words on both the packaging and your website too and I felt compelled to offer my genuine gratitude to a company who cares about it's products and values it's customers. You've put a smile on this Yorkshireman's (with hint of Belfast for good measure!) face. Thank you again and I'm going to put my kettle back on. All the Best, Simon.
We are a tiny village community hidden away in the North Yoks Moors. We have a very active social calendar and entertain a wide range of groups with Afternoon Teas and Bun Fights. Our choice of tea has, I suppose, been fairly predictable and we have never had any complaints. I have however, used Punjana Tea for a while , it being recommended to me by an Iranian friend. Iranians, and Turks, really know about tea! When the Village Hall ran short of tea at a recent event I provided my own Punjana as a substitute. There has never been so many comments as to the quality of the tea that was served and it will now become our village tea of choice. This little note is sent to you with no motive other than to thank you for your excellent product and to provide you with some very positive feedback. Very best regards, Maggy Tebb.
shug blarche
folkestone kent
just to say I have tried your tbags for first time I am hooked thanks a million I will be buying all the time cheers
Robert Adams
I have been buying your tea for a couple of years now at Morrisons.Its good value but more importantly tastes full bodied and the quality never varies.There are so many of them its just nice too be able too take one off the shelf knowing its always going too be a satisfying cup.Thank you.
Bill Boyd
Have recently purchased your Signature blend, after many years of average taste tea drinking. It was the most expensive brand on the supermarket shelves, but really wanted to see if quality came at a price. I was not disappointed, in fact this Signature blend exceeded my expectation, so I then decided to cut open a tea bag out of curiosity low and behold, nothing but pure tea. The components of which when perfectly brewed make of a very fine cup of tea. I have since gone back to purchase a few more bags of your Signature blend just in case they sell out quickly, to ensure my continuity of something I have been looking for a very long time. In encapsulating I would like to say a special Thank You Thompson family for producing a product that your family peers would be very proud of for keeping up a long family tradition. Quality does come at a price, and your price is fully justified. It's all in the Taste...!!!!!!!!
Shanaz Shah
My family & myself have always used P.G or occasionally Tetley teabags. I recently bought your Punjana tea & to be honest it was only by chance because there was no offers on the other tea we usually buy. I'm so glad I did it was the most lovely cup of tea iv'e had in ages. The taste the flavour, colour of the tea is amazing I enjoyed every sip, my husband loved it also. We have recommended it to our family & friends. Now we are sticking to your tea as we enjoy it so much. Thank you.
john hussain
just want you guys to now your red punjana is great best tea iv tried every one comes to my house agrees iv not tried your other teas yet just giveing you some feed back regareds john
susan daniels
chelmsford essex
I was at my local Morrisons a year ago. One of the manegers was near the boxes of tea. There was one particular brand I told her was very strong and good. Have you tried punjana tea she asked its the best. I took her word and have never looked back. If I see it on special offer I buy about ten packs at a time. It always has a long best b4 date.We are two OAPs who appreciate a good tasty cuppa. Yours truly is x
Alec Lewis
Wanted to let you's know that I absolutely LOVE Punjana tea! It is BY FAR the best cuppa you can get. I bring my Punjana everywhere, even on holiday to Spain! I make my cuppa by using a strict method of dunking the tea-bag 22 times - no more, no less. It makes the perfect cuppa. Ive even got people in my work-place doing the 22 dunk method! Keep up the great work! Im away to make a brew!
beverley rhodes
just tried your tea for the first time and i am glad because it is the best tasting i have had better than all the leading brands in my opinion and my mums too thanks will be buying all the time from now on
My wife and I very much enjoyed Afternoon Tea on Saturday in the delightful surroundings of the Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle, Co Down. The Turkish Apple Tea was, as you say, AMAZING! We were joined by some friends and the 'craic' was good! Many thanks!
Charlie Comerford
Stanhope, NJ
Absolutely LOVELY tea! Just waiting for your stock of Earl Grey with flowers to be replenished! Keep doing what you do best..blending teas! Thanks!
Alan Jacks
Can you advise where we can purchase wholesale please ? Thanks & Regards Alan
Ian James
At last, a proper cup of tea!!! I have tried just about every tea going but I can honestly say that I won't be looking any further. No need to let it brew for hours or squeeze the life out of the bag just to get a bit of colour in the cup. beautiful smooth flavour. Thank you.
The circumstances under which I first tasted your tea made me rather suspicious of it. An acquaintance shopped for my Christmas gift at the Goodwill Thrift Shop in Memphis, TN, buying me an 80-bag package of your Irish Breakfast Tea. The price tag was still on it - $3.80, about 1/10 the price I would expect to pay for 80 bags of decent quality tea. I tried a cup and loved it. Still suspicious, I checked ingredients...perhaps there were flavorful (non-food) additives. But no. Everything was on the up and up. A few weeks later, and my suspicions are gone and I can just enjoy a great cup of tea each morning. Thank goodness!
Dennis Flynn
Hanford, California
Hello, I am unfamiliar with your teas, but saw a packet of your Irish Breakfast Tea on a store shelf yesterday and I bought one. Well, I'm hooked on it already. It's a fine tea and reminds of the time I spent in Ireland when I was younger. Thank you for the tea, and the memories.
Laurie Scott
My Mom brought me Titanic Tea from her recent visit to Belfast. I enjoyed it so much that as soon as it ran out I ordered more from you. Arrived yesterday! What a glorious trip to the mail box (letter box?). Thanks!!
mita shelley
Great cup of Chai! This reminds me of a lovely cup of chai, not too strong and not too weak. I wanted to try it out as my usual blends are twinings or loose blends or Darjeeling first flush. It reminds me so much of the house tea I used to have when I visit family in India. Thanks, will definitely buy again and will buy some for my family.
Geoff Elliott
Tyne & Wear
Hi, It's not very often that I take time out to e-mail companies, but I felt as if I had to send you one as I have recently starting using Punjana Tea Bags and they have changed my life!! For the better, I might add!! At last, I have found a tea that actually tastes like tea!! They are absolutely fantastic when compared to the "other" tea bags which, unfortunately, I have been using for far too long. So, congratulations to you for making Punjana tea bags and, from a very happy customer, I can assure you that they will certainly be our tea of choice in the future. Thank you again.. Geoff
Heather Greer
I love Green Tea and when I saw a blend made by Punjana I decided to try it. So glad I did. It has a beautiful full bodied flavour - a most satisfying cup of tea. After years of trying other leading brands I need look no further, I'm sticking with Punjana.
tracy harrison
jim tweedie
hi , me and my wife love your original blend tea , we found it about 2 years ago in our local morrisons and have never bought anything else since , as we say in Scotland " its magic "
hoylake, wirral merseyside
After 79 years of searching, I have, at last, found the perfect cup of tea. Beautiful colour, strong flavour. Yes, It is Punjana. Discovered hidden away on the top shelf in Morrisons. Luckily I was tall enough to reach it. I purchased 3 bags of 80 and hope they will always be available.
Just tried your punjana original blend for the first time after purchasing today from Morrisons , thought I give them a try from my usual T bags ! glad I did , its the best T have I have tasted , Tealicious !!
bernice lussier
Canterbury, CT
I have just discovered your Decaf Tea at the Job Lot Stores here in Connecticut and have to tell you how rich and flavorful this tea is. As I matter of fact after my first cup of tea I went back and bought three more bags of the Decaf....wonderful tasting. I hope the Job Lot stores continue to carry this product... Thank you
Phyllis Jones
Although I was born and bred in Belfast and virtually brought up with Punjana tea I have now been living England for over 35 years. I still get my favourite Punjana tea but only recently discovered the different packs from my usual red one. (Tesco have moved them) So I am working my way along the shelf.... I look forward to continuing the experience! I have even converted die-hard tetley/pg tips' drinkers!! "Pick Punjana Tea..pick Punjana tea".....a tune that is indelibly engraved on my memory.
Pete Worrall
Hi there, Just a quick note to say Punjana tea is the best tea i've had. I've never had a disappointing cup. It needed a good tea to drag me away from Yorkshire Tea but Punjana is now my new staple. Keep up the good work. Regards Pete
Kath Dickinson
What was life like before last Sunday, when I bought my first packet of Punjana original blend tea? Well, it was a whole lot less exciting I can tell you! Every morning since I have felt a little pang of joy as I approach the kettle and reach for a tea bag. I have been trying to stop having sugar in my tea for several years - and had managed to get down to less than half a spoon. Punjana tea tastes good enough for me to not even bother with that little bit of sugar I usually insist on. I just love it - it has honestly enhanced my life!! I'm not writing this for freebies or so that you will publish it on the website. I just really wanted you to know that I am one very satisfied customer. We originally bought it because my husband saw the word 'fussy' on the back of the packet and commented that it could be the tea for me!! And he was so right. Thanks a million squillion for making this wonderful tea. I will now go and tell all my friends, colleagues and family members about it....!!
i.p.f. meiklejohn
My God I haven't tasted tea like this since I was in Indiaahhh ! My wife bought a packet of Signature Blend in Tesco, and it is delicious - so I have just ordered a four-pack from you. It is mouth-wateringly good - real weapons-grade stuff.
Chris Davies
Burnhope, County Durham
I repatriated to the UK from the Middle East recently, after 30 years away. I'm very fussy about my tea and have struggled to find a brand that satisfies. I love Punjana Tea, love the square teabags, love the foil packaging with old family photo, gives me a sense of the best of tradition. Great taste, great quality. Thank you!
Mrs Nicola Sweeney
I have always loved tea. Months ago I noticed your tea on offer in Morrisons. I bought it and can honestly say it is the best tea ever! I used to drink any tea in lots of places but now I can only drink your tea! My husband absolutely loves it as well saying how great it is. I'm telling everybody to try it . I can't say enough how lovely it is! Thank-you!
Jennifer Collado
Love your tea, especially the Irish Breakfast and the everyday decaf!! I have been a tea lover for many years and I can't say enough about your product...
Wendy Livingstone
Just thought I would send a email to compliment you on your Thompson Scottish tea. I actually tried your tea while visiting a friend, I am normally a tetley tea drinker but not anymore have stocked up on a few packets of your tea as I think they are 1 of the best tea bags I've tasted in a long time
Lesley Dann
Wow wow wow real tea that not only looks like tea but tastes like it. For the past few years I have swapped between the big boys of tea all them now providing something that looked like tea but tasted like tangy hot water....... But no more I am a Thompson's convert...... Just sayin.
Have recently discovered your peppermint tea !! Peppermint tea is my fav drink but yours has to be hands down the best I've ever tried ! Most other brands I use two tea bags in the cup but yours is so strong I need only use one ! Keep up the good work ! Love it !
David wotton
I am new to your range of teas The best brew I have tested for a long time
Melanie VanCuran
Oh my- I have just finished my first package of your Decaf everyday tea. It is by far the best tea I have ever enjoyed in my life. Most of the decaf teas I have been forced to rely on seem to have very little taste except for Red Rose English Breakfast tea. I so have enjoyed your's beyond what I can imagine. I will be purchasing your product regularly in the future. Thank you ever so much My Best to you- Melanie VanCuran.
Gerald Curry
I was browsing the teas in Tesco, Seacroft, Leeds on Wednesday, Your representative happen to be about and did a good selling job on persuading me to buy the Signature tea blend. Having now had a few cups I just thought I would let you know that I will buying the tea again and also try some of the other blends.
Janice Murphy
South Portland, Maine
I am one of those Americans that drinks tea & not coffee. I received a package of Thompson's Punjana tea for Christmas & fell in love with it. This is the best tea I have ever had. I am looking you up on the internet this morning as I sip a disappointing cup in English breakfast & dreaming of your tea which is alas, gone I have looked for it in my grocery stores without luck. Thank goodness for the internet. You are the best! Janice Murphy
paula mulrooney
I would just like too say I was brought up on pg tea bags until I tried punjana a few years ago.they are the best brew I have every had I wish they were sold every where thank you
David Atkinson
I received a pack of Signature blend tea as a Christmas present from a friend and I really enjoyed every cup. So much so that no other tea will do. Everyone I know who was lucky enough to try this tea also feel the same way as I do. Only Thompson's 'Signature' blend for me from now on. Thank you very much Thompsons Family Tea.
Patsy Glenn
North Haven CT
I absolutely love your Regular and decaf tea. I live here in Connecticut, but I was born and raised in Kilgarvan, County Kerry. I switched a few years to decaf tea, because I like to drink a lot of tea during the day and when I drink it late in the evening the caffeine was starting to keep me up a bit. The wonderful thing about you decaffeinated tea is it taste just like regular tea you would never know it was decaffeinated..go raibh maith agat...Patsy
Charlie Comerford
Stanhope, NJ
Your teas are absolutely wonderful! On top of that, your mail service is as well! I will be spreading news of your wonderful teas here in the US! KUDOS!!
Fiona Vickers
ERIE, Colorado
I am originally from NI and now live in the USA. I absolutely LOVE your amazing Punjana loose leaf tea, which for me is a wonderful taste of home. My friends here also enjoy having a cup with me when they visit. I am not a tea bag fan as I feel I just don't get the real flavor of the tea, so please never stop selling your wonderful loose leaf tea!!! Many thanks. :-)
Dolores McKay
I bought a packet of your tea about two years ago at Morrisons in Brentford. I love it, I like strong tea not stewed but a taste of tea. I will not use any other make of tea I love the red packet. Must taste even better with your good water in NI kind regards Dolores
Julia Wollen (nee Thompson)
Capestang, France
Dear Thompson Teas, We have been enjoying your Punjana tea for mamy years and think it is high time that we told you how much we appreciate it. All other makes of tea pale in comparison in our opinion. As long ago small scale tea growers in Limuru we say this with confidence. We look forward to tasting your Earl Grey and Rooibos after 10th March.
tom canning
picked up a pack of punjana randomly a few years ago and now its the only tea we drink, have just discovered your signature blend which is awesome your tea reminds me of the tea my mother used to make, thank you
breifne murphy
christchurch, new zealand
You guys make the best tea bags ever, im originally from offaly and i have to get my parents to post us over your tea bags, great quality n cant be bet, keep it up
Leona Broomhead
After several years of buying your Punjana Original Blend Tea I recently purchased a packet of your Irish Breakfast Blend it is excellent. A lovely taste, strong and full bodied. From a very satisfied customer, Leona Broomhead.
samantha fulton
Hi I felt compelled to email you concerning your punjana tea. Its simply outstanding its great in this day and age to see a product that is made with dedication and love I can taste it in every sip. On the packet it says Mum would be so proud I agree most whole heartly . KIndest regards S.Fulton. one regret however I only wish I had discovered it a long time ago.
Arran Gilbert
Gosberton, SPALDING
Just bought some Irish Breakfast variety and instantly I can tell it's going to be my tea of choice from now on. Nice calming feeling. Perked up but not stressed out. Great.
Juanita E. Dickinson
Marshfield mass
I am so thankful for your decaf teas. My mother has Alzheimer's , and will no longer drink water for us. I am decaf, so I found your everyday decaf in "Ocean State Job Lots!" I loved the flavor, I usually drink only British tea PG tips...it was my favorites til I tasted your everyday decaf.b. I brought it to my moms house now if I give her another tea she says yuck! She refuses to drink the other night our store ran out so I had to travel 4 towns away to find the tea. My sister said she only likes Thompson's teas so I bought her a case. Thank you so much for a premium product!
Ian Milligan
Taipei City, TAIWAN
I'm originally from Northern Ireland and now living in Taiwan. We've been drinking your tea here periodically over the last 4 years and we love it! We've just received a Christmas parcel from our family in Ireland and inside was a pack of Punjana tea! My Chinese wife loves it! Keep it up! Great tea....
Ive never enjoyed tea so much since having punjana, best tea invented!!! I can drink 15+ cups of tea a day. Best tea ever!!!!!!!!! :)
Julie north
Epping Essex
Hello, I'd like to email you and tell you how much my family and I really enjoy your tea bags, I never thought I'd be saying there is a better tea bag than P.G and there is Punjana. Do you sell bigger packets than only 80 tea bags as we go through 3packets in a week? If you do please could you tell me were I can buy them. Thank you for reading Mrs Julie North
michael hindes
west springfeild
I just discovered your Irish Breakfast blend and I have to say that it is one of the best teas I've had. It's my new favorite tea! -Mike
Reg Brammer
Dear Sirs, Your Signiture brand is superb. Is this a tempory or permanent tea? The tea has a excellent rich body and tastes of tea. Best Regards, Reg
barbara peeples
just wanted to say how much myself and my family love your tea. its the only 1 my husband will drink and when we go to stay anywhere he wont drink their tea he has to take punjana with him. thanks for such great tea.
Angela Higgins
Just wanted to say I love love love the Scottish teabags. Extremely tasty and with enough strength and no bitter after taste. thank you for making such a lovely refreshing blend of tea./
Laura Thomas
Portglenone, Co. Antrim
Hi there, I just waited to let you know how much I love Punjana tea, I have been drinking it since I can remember. My parents are the ones that started me at an early age, they drink punjana too, we don't drink any other type, we even bring a packet on holidays with us, no other tea is as good!! We go through about 2/3 cups each a day. And now my son has started to drink it too, so all three generations love Punjana!! Its just the best tasting brand of tea and we love it!! Just waited to say thanks Laura.
Fiona Card
I just wanted to say your Punjana Tea is the best I have ever tasted. I am a very particular tea drinker, I have about 8 cups a day and the flavour has to be just right for me and I am always searching for the perfect tea, well I have found it now! Living in the Kent countryside I grab it when I can as it's not always possible to get hold of but I have found it in my local Waitrose. Until I found your website this morning I didn't realise you did other sorts, the Titanic blend looks interesting. Fiona Card
Keith Thomas
Tucson, Arizona
My wife and I bought some of your Irish Breakfast Tea. We've had other brands of Irish Tea but we think yours is the best! It's because of the flavor. It's pure tasting and has no acidic or bitter taste. It's just pure great tasting tea that gets you going in the morning. We love having it as iced tea. It's good stuff; I'm glad we found it. Thanks for making it available in the U.S. Keith and Sharon Thomas
melissa sarah hazel
hull, east yorkshire
bought your signature tea and the breakfast blend on offer @ my local Tesco, realy enjoyed both blends. to me they taste how tea should taste, I will continue to buy this tea wether its on offer or not and will definatly recommend to family and friends and others. I am very glad I tried it.Thank you. Melissa sarah Hazel xxx
Roberta Wilson
Just saw your new bus adverts - 11 Stars in this year's Great Taste Awards - Absolutely brilliant and well deserved - I never drink anything else!!!! Keep up the good work :-)
clare sandey
just wanted to say your punjana tea bags are truley amazing and our life line in our house. well done.
Jennifer Mc Donnell
Dublin 5
I have been buying Punjana teabags for most of my married life nearly 30 in Sept, I have tried other brands but I have always come back to Punjana, they are the only teabags I can enjoy , I still have coasters that came free . This is to let you know I will always buy Punjana teabags even friends have asked what teabags I've used because they have enjoyed their cup of tea in my home, thanks Jennifer
john kerr
west haverstraw, new york
Bought today for the first time.Passed it by for the longest time,I didn't think Punjana was a product of Belfast. Enjoyed very much. Purchased it inShop Rite.Where can I buy it elsewhere. jbk
Jeanne Frye
Coshocton ohio
my husband did not like tea hot or cold only in summer. He now loves your Irish breakfast tea drinks morning & & afternoon ,some times in the evening. i love good tea.
Hi Punjana people. Just wanted to say that I love your new-look website; as refreshing and tasty (tasteful ?) asyour tea!
Steve M. Canyon
Dulles, Virginia
Gentlemen, Your tea is simply splendid! I have been a longtime fan of Rhodesian Tanganda Tea but with all the problems in that country now I have been unable to get their product. I tried your tea and now wished I had done it sooner. Well Done! you now have a loyal customer. Kind Regards Steve M. Canyon
James Coyle
Cumbernauld, Glasgow
Dear Punjana. I thought I would email you on behalf of my mother who always insists on buying Punjana Tea Bags rather than any other brand. I also agree with her as they are stronger than any of the other leading brands on the market. The taste is so much better, it's the best cuppa regardless if it's morning, noon or night. Keep up the good work!
Paul Bond
I've just tried your tea and will never look back now, your tea is first class and will recommend it to everyone i know. Thanks
Stephanie Mamo
Hi there, I tried your tea yesterday for the first time at my mother in laws house. I must say it was delicious! I usually drink Tetley tea, about 15 cups a day but I will be changing my brand over to yours because it tastes so much better than the Tetley blend. Punjana has a different flavour, it is smoother and quite unlike any other tea on the market. I can't wait to go to the supermarket and buy some now. I'm going right now! So thanks for making such a great tea which I shall enjoy drinking for years to come! Thanks again, Stephanie.
Pam Cooper
Hello, I just wanted to drop you a line to say that having drunk pg tips tea for over 30 years I recently tried your punjana tea following a promotion at my local supermarket and have been totally converted,Even my partner who I thought would never change brand will not have pg tips in the house as he says it tastes bitter by comparison.Many thanks for a wonderful product. Pam Cooper
Amy O'Donnell
Roseland, NJ
I decided to try your decaf Punjana tea. I am usually a Twinings tea drinker. Well, I must say that now I have had the best cup of tea in my lifetime! I went back to the store and bought some more just in case they run out of it. I am so glad our little supermarket started carrying Punjana tea. Thanks for an outstanding product! Amy O'Donnell
Jonathan Groves
Dear God, I drink more tea than the queen mother, since discovering punjana i've given up alcohol, fantastic stuff....I love you.. Jonathan
Sean McCartney
I normally use other brands of tea however after tasting your tea (In the green bag) I am unlikely to change. The tea had a stronger and fuller flavour and was enjoyed by all the family especially myself who would not normally drink tea. So thank you very much.
Chris Leek
hi i would just like to say this tea is amazing , i started drinking it about three years ago and havnt stoped since. cant get enough of it! love it
Tracy Kimberley
what a great cup of tea. The flavour from Punjana makes all other teas seem bland, we drink nothng else now!
Pat Hooton
thankyou Punjana, for producing an excellent tea. we first tried it a month ago when we noticed the brand in a morrisons store and now we are hooked! your tea provides us with everything we require and most importantly LIKE in a cup of tea, good strengh of colour and taste the price is excellent, although this is not something we are guided by, if we like a product then we are prepared to pay the price, therefore your tea product has an provided an added bonus for us, enjoyment and money in our pocket. we now ensure our cupboard has a good stock so we do not run out of our favourite drink. thankyou Pat
I just thought you might like to know that we (myself and my wife) discovered your punjana tea bags recently at our local Morrissons store. We had been trying different varieties for a while and now by your Punjana tea bags regularly. The tea has a lovely flavour consistently and doesn't leave those horrible scum marks in the cup like many other brands do. Best regards Terry.
Mark Woolridge
I would just like to tell you of a story regarding Punjana Teabags. I left my packet of teabags on my desk overnight and when I returned next morning there had been a tealeaf in the office. However the only thing stolen were my teabags. Jars of coffee and sugar etc were left untouched. I think that speaks volumes of the superb product that is Punjana. Regards Mark
Susan (MacDonald) Rizza
Winterport, Maine
Dear Punjana I want to thank you for your fantastic Irish Breakfast Tea. My childhood was spent with Gaelic Scot's from Cape Breton and long ago as a child I learned to have a fondness for tea. have been searching for a tea that truly captured the flavor of my warm Gaelic Childhood...and now I have found it. With my first sip...I was brought back to another time and place.... Tahadh leibh (Thank You, in Scottish Gaelic)
John Cates
punjana tea is the best tea i have ever tasted, all the other big name brands do not even come close.i have been using it for over 2 years now. i feel that i have finaly found a company that makes tea as it should be,real quality. when i go to other countries,i always take a good supply of punjana with me. keep up the good work. john.
Wendy Barnes
As a fan of Tyohoo tea...i decided to try your tea...i am now a convert!!..Full bodied LOVELY tea...especially with my toast and raspberry jam in the mornings!!
Gail Palmer
Hi As I'm in charge of the coffee/tea fund in our office, I'm obviously in charge of buying tea bags. Now being a tea hater I somehow I bought Punjana tea,bags probably because I forgot what they'd all asked me to buy - some didn't like PG Tips, Tetley etc. (oh and don't they just moan if I'd bought the wrong ones?). Anyway, the reason I'm just letting you know is that they're all fallen in love with Punjana and are also buying them for their own use at home. So pat yourselves on the back as you've worked a miracle to satisify those fussy tea slurpers & you've made my life easier! Best wishes Gail
dear sir, i have being drinking tea for 50 years yours is the best tea i have ever tasted every cup is always consistent and has that unique flavour i would like to compliment you on your product thank you j.r hancox
Becca Giotta
I have been drinking your tea for over a year now and it's the best tea I have tasted since my childhood. No other tea compares to Punjana!
Chris James
Refreshing, refreshing. First time I have ever tried your tea. I needed a tea change as I was bored with the usual offerings and on the shelf in my local Tesco was your tea; and I'm glad I did. Punjana tea is on my shopping list for tea from here on.... Thanks, Chris
St Helens
Simply the best, Better than all the rest.
Marilyn Bentley
Lytham St Annes
I use your tea many times each day, but I am no longer able to buy it at Booths Stores. Where else can I buy it in the Lytham St Annes area .
Todd R. Reed
Harleysville, PA
Friends of ours turned us on to your lovely tea a few years back whilst they were travelling in Northern Ireland.
Barry Love
what can i say surely the finest tea on the shelves, and being from Scotland with the best water in the world u can imagine the enjoyment i get from such a brew! i discovered Punjana after seeing the advert where they examine the tea bag and show only pure leaf 'pure genius'.
Mr & Mrs Hough
West Midlands
We both think and are sure that Punjana tea is the words best tea, thank you for your excellent service.
Mrs McGregor
I feel I must write and tell you how wonderful I think your tea is .Keep up the good work.
Sandra Jackson
My family and friends really enjoy Punjana tea, I have great fun asking guests if they want Earl Grey, Brekfast tea or Punjana, As guests always ask for a second cup of Punjana, it speaks for itself.